Successful flirting seducing and dating

If you put her on a pedestal, you have high fear of loss. When it comes to seduction, the most important piece of advice I have is simply: Keep her always wanting more.You’ll do anything to avoid offending her — even if that means placating her into boredom. This is an instance where less is more, where a short conversation can be more intriguing than a long one.

At this level, you’re really just friendly strangers.

Most starstruck or “nice” guys don’t tease because it’s too high a risk. If she can never get enough of you, she’ll just want more and more! Don’t rush the steps, but figure out ways to make it specific to you.

However, there could be high rewards for taking a small risk. You’re not too worried about what the next thing you’re going to say is.

Even if you want to play it cool, it’s easy to get intimidated and tongue-tied in front of someone you like.

Don’t worry, below I have five tips that’ll help you seduce your love at first sight.

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