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Listen, I’m not saying she’s Lex Luthor or anything, but like if there were a knockoff version of the movie that retailed for .99 and was created specifically for children who didn’t know any better, Mackenzie could definitely be a bad guy in that category.

She’s just hurtful and clueless and totally angling to release a ghostwritten book that’s titled something like “I Ain’t Perfect, Y’all” or “Walk a Mile In My Shoes, Y’all.” Mackenzie just feels like a “Y’all” kind of girl to me, you know? Someone has strategically placed the founder and CEO of Forever Haute (still online! ) off to the side of the stage where Mackenzie storms off after she and Maci get into it, and Amber's not happy.

On a related note, do you ever watch this show and just feel like maybe you aren’t getting the recognition you deserve for being a decent human being?

The amount of time the adults on this show spend bragging about how healthy and non-violent they are has really made me think I should start doing it in my personal life.

I hope I get to be your Secret Santa because if I am, let me tell you friend, I’m going way over the limit.

It's a triple-set of lotions from Bath & Body Works for you." Anyway, everyone backs Amber up. And Catelynn’s just eating salad and saying shit like “you get ‘em, girl.” And also no one — including the audience — believes that Mackenzie didn’t know Ryan had a drug problem.

All of this sounds like a great idea (that last one is mine)! I asked my husband about it but he said it’s probably a little more insane that he walked in on me biting myself while watching a reality show and suggested that perhaps we get me one of those dog cones for when I have to recap.

) about the fact that Matt has relapsed and that Leah can’t go over to Amber’s anymore until everything’s figured out. And I’m super proud of her for continuing to call him out on his bullshit when she finally does get home.Then we see several shots of Amber and the other ladies enjoying craft services which is something I am very jealous of.My one dream is to go to a reality show taping and just eat all the free food with the stars, but so far all my attempts to gain access to a After everyone is done enjoying all that the food table has to offer, Catelynn and Maci tell Amber that she needs to think long and hard about whether she wants to be with Matt and suggest that she move him out of her home in order to get some distance and also (hopefully) to start proceedings against him to get the ,000 she alleges he stole from her back?She calls Mackenzie a “C**t” and then proceeds to talk about the fact that Mac’s lucky Amber’s a different person now and has self-control.She says this about ten times (I would not turn watching Amber bragging about her self-control into a drinking game because someone will die) and it’s like everyone’s supposed to congratulate her for only calling Mackenzie names instead of curb-stomping her, which I guess is par for the course on .

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