Sedating a dog before euthanizing

She also said the Baytown shelter has added operating hours and a volunteer coordinator and complies with state standards and universally held operating practices.The shelter has a new director and several new staff members.

One was terminated and another resigned in February.He came back with an assistant and a tiny syringe, saying, “This will sting a little but within less than five minutes he’ll be completely sedated, though his eyes will remain open. I’m not new to this procedure, but it never gets easier.As a vet tech, I assisted in the euthanasia of hundreds of pets; I’ve also supported friends, family, and clients during the euthanasia of their pets, and was present when all of my own animals passed. Yogi was very weak, had recently stopped eating, and had failing kidneys.The vet and the tech stepped away from Yogi, as I flew to the other side of the table, catching him mid-air so he wouldn’t crash into the wall. I sat with a now-comatose cat, limp, with eyes dilated and glassy.I held his fragile, soft, furry body – the same body that had just acted like super cat – and wept. I was in shock; the peaceful end I had hoped my friend would experience had instead turned hideously painful and traumatic.

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