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The third piece was an assessment of the ongoing Russian active measures, including information and influence campaigns that may still exist and may be ongoing.

The investigation started with those three buckets of interest.

There are concerns that we continue to pursue: collusion.

The committee continues to look into all evidence to see if there was any hint of collusion.

We were focused on an evaluation of the ICA, the intelligence community assessment, of Russia's involvement in our 2016 election.

Additionally, the investigation was to look into any collusion by either campaign during the 2016 elections.

The committee has held 11 open hearings this calendar year that have touched on Russia's interference in U. But in addition to that the things that were thrown on the cutting room floor that they might not have found appropriate for the ICA itself, but we may have found of relevance to our investigation.

We have interviewed every official of the Obama administration to fully understand what they saw what clarity and transparency they had and the Russian involvement and more importantly what they did or did not do and what drove those actions.

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We have interviewed, literally, individuals from around the world.

Now I'm not going to even discuss the initial findings because we haven't any.

We've got a tremendous amount of documents still to go through.

Now we're over 100 interviews later, which translates to 250 plus hours of interviews; almost 4000 pages of transcripts; almost 100000 thousand pages of documents reviewed by our staff and some by members. So far in the interview process we have interviewed everybody who had a hand or a voice in the creation of the intelligence community assessment.

It includes highly classified intelligence reporting. It includes e-mails campaign documents and technical cyber analysis products. I can say that our dedicated Russia investigative staff have literally worked six to seven hours a day since 23 January to get us to the point we are today. We have spent nine times the amount of time that the community spent putting the ICA together, reviewing the ICA, and reviewing all the supporting documents that went in it.

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