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This was an expellable offence here at Claremont Collage, but there was a problem; she was the daughter of Conrad Grant, one of the college's benefactors.Not an easy decision; maybe there were ways around it; there usually were. "Yes, you look after me, Averill, for the next three months, and I'll look after you and make sure you get the exam results you need to get into University just like your parents want." She was silent for a minute, then she began to undress.Now she usually attended to my needs at least three times a week, sometimes at home, but when I was feeling that way out, I would send for her to come to my office.Now she was slurping away, and I knew I was near to cumming. I think you need to bring her over to see me." She said she would contact Laura and call me back.She had not been happy about me shooting in her mouth at first, but now she took it willingly. She rang back moments later to say she would be over in fifteen minutes.I gripped her hair tightly and cried out as I felt my juices surging up from my tight balls and gush down her throat; she swallowed hungrily. I knew I would have to be careful with my dealings over Laura. We need it to be accurate." I saw Laura look at me, her eyes widening.I cupped one of her firm breasts and squeezed it tenderly. I thought about fucking her, but after reading the note from Matron, I had other things on my mind: Laura Grant. I looked up as Matron knocked at the door and came in leading Laura, a tall, well proportioned blond. Matron explained that she had discovered the tattoo while treating a sports injury. "Well, girl, have you any others you have not told us about? I smiled to myself, and under the cover of the desk, I ran my hand over an already blossoming erection."It wasn't there the last time I examined her," she said. I was not doing too badly for a man of fifty eight: two eighteen year olds stark naked in my office in the last two hours. She did stop for a moment before removing her bra, and again when she got down to her panties, but I just looked at her sharply and nodded and she reluctantly slid them down over her hips. You knew tattooing was against College rules, but yet you went ahead and let someone abuse you in that awful way" I saw her head drop and she looked down at her bare feet. "I am afraid we are going to have to make an example of you.

At first, I thought he seemed none too happy about the way I had dealt with things, and thought that making her strip naked in front of me had been taking things a little too far.I lay back in my chair and looked down at the naked girl who was still sucking hungrily on my cock; she was getting the hang of it now. Millibrand." I looked at her silently for a few minutes, thinking and looking at the swell of her breasts against the white school blouse. I could easily cover those myself out of school funds. Naked, she was everything I had imagined: nice firm breasts topped with hard pink nipples, a trim figure, and just a light covering of pubic hair that did not hide the slightly protruding pussy lips.She was one of the seniors in her last year at Claremont. Her farther had lost his job at the bank, and he was unable to pay for his daughter any longer. "Maybe there is a way, Averill, but you would have to work to cover the cost." "I will, I will," she said eagerly. " "Well, you could start by taking off all your clothes for me." Averill looked at him. She had willingly come and sat on my knee and allowed me to caress her firm young body, showing no signs of displeasure.I thought he was going to be difficult, but then suddenly he seemed to change and grinned. While we were waiting, I poured Conrad a large whisky.He said he wished he were in my place with all the young women around him, and even admitted that if he were, he might be persuaded to take advantage of the situation. A good thrashing never did anybody any harm." I then suggested that if it came to it, maybe there was a way around it. "Examine the evidence more closely." I saw a gleam in his eye and I realised just what he meant. Laura arrived, and she was more than a little surprised to see Conrad.

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