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“Thanks.” I said, “Hey, sorry for cumming on your ass last night, hope you’re not mad.” “Not at all. Getting some on my ass is nothing compared to that.

I was just shocked as I wasn’t expecting it.” “Ok cool. To be honest, I’ve been lusting after you since I hit puberty. I’ll show you just how pretty my mouth really is.” She walked over to the couch and beckoned for me to sit down.

Once I was spent she licked me clean, gave me a smack on the ass and went to the bathroom with her brother’s cum splattered all over her face and tits.

Completely spent I moved back and collapsed onto my back.

Melissa moved her face over Paige’s ass and licked up the semen I had deposited there.

I did however comment on how hot she was and how the feelings were mutual. She licked and twirled and deep throated my cock like a pro.

“Actually, I think that’s why I was so reluctant when things turned dirty.” She continued, “I was too reluctant to act on feelings I’ve been suppressing for all this time.” We continued our candid chat as we ate and I discovered how turned on Paige got watching me fuck other women. “I’m gunna cum.” I announced as my ejaculation approached.

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