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The fantasy people, in the shape of Ursula Le Guin (although she later retracted it) said, “This is fantasy, and your refusal to put on the mantle of fantasy is evidence of an author slumming it.” And then Michiko Kakutani in the Kazuo Ishiguro I felt like I’d stepped into some larger discussion that had been going on for some time. But I get worried when readers and writers take these boundaries too seriously, and think that something strange happens when you cross them, and that you should think very carefully before doing so. You need the song where the heroine pines for what she does not have, you need the songs where the whole chorus is doing something rousing and upbeat, and you need the song when the lovers get together and, after all the vicissitudes, triumph.

I expected some of my usual readers to say, “What’s this? NG I love the idea of genres as places that you don’t necessarily want to go unless you’re a native, because the people there will stare at you askance and say things like, “Head over the wall to Science Fiction, mate, you’ll be happier there . I thought, “That’s actually a way to view all literary genres,” because there are things that people who like a genre are looking for in their fiction: the things that titillate, the things that satisfy.

(We would have done team names, but that list is longer than a hail mary pass! 4th and Inches The Road to Glory Monday Morning Tears My Ball Zach Ertz Turn Up the Wattage The Brady Bunch Fly Like an Eagle Fins Up In the Zone Make Football Great Again It’s Our Forte Deflaters Gon’ Deflate Huddle Buddies Le’Veon on a Prayer The League of Ordinary Gentlemen Turn Down for Watt?!

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Once you select a story, you then click “next” to reveal a story, chat by chat.

Bust out the “lucky” football jersey, and get the chips and salsa ready…Fantasy Football is just around the corner, and we want to make sure that you have the perfect league name for your group!

Although we don’t have the inside scoop on who will catch the most passes, or run the most yards, we can fill you in about our list of Top 40 Fantasy Football League names that will surely be 1st round draft picks this season.

Oh, did I mention she is writing two separate epic high fantasy series simultaneously?

These are the words that come to mind when I think of Maas's YA book series, Throne of Glass and A Court of Thorns and Roses.

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