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A subculture of sorts now exists, in which more adventurous vapers (commonly bearded Shoreditch types) push for evermore exotic e-liquids (the flavoured nicotine-containing solutions that are inhaled as vapour) and customisable vaping devices that allow for improved taste, increased vapour production, and a “smoother vape”.

However, as of next month, all this is set to change due to the commencement of the controversial Tobacco and Related Products Regulations 2016, which serve to transpose the EU’s revised Tobacco Products Directive into domestic law.

The directive repeals existing EU legislation and seeks to better harmonise the regulation of tobacco and related products (in particular e-cigarettes) across member states.

Many of its provisions relating to traditional tobacco products have received widespread coverage in the national media.

At present, larger receptacles (e.g 30ml or 50ml) are commonplace and consumers will now be unable to benefit from the economies of scale presented through buying in bulk.

Such notification must be made via a prescribed electronic format, not less than six months prior to commencement of the intended supply.

Following notification, a range of factors will be scrutinised including ingredients, toxicology data, manufacturing processes and components used in respect of products.

One may attempt to argue that this issue could simply be overcome through purchasing a vast quantity of 10ml refill containers and that suppliers could offer discounts in this scenario.

However, it stands that container manufacturing costs will unavoidably increase and, as touched on earlier, such costs will doubtless be passed on to consumers.

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