Dating musical taste

My personal favorite would be of the 80's hair band genre.

On any give day I may listen to heavy metal, classical, country (if it's not to twangy), hip hop, rap (only if it has a good dance beat), motown, blues, jazz..get the idea.

My ex is a musician and at first we didn't have nearly the same musical taste..introduced me to some great bands.

Surprisingly though, he was never into much of what I liked.

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A person's taste in music normally says quite a lot about them as a person, so finding someone that likes the same music as you is really important. Loving the same music makes so many things in life easier.

They probably got offended by someone's music taste and dont want to hear about acceptance.

I'm one of those musical types too, and what I listen to is even more diverse than before.

No indie boy wants to bang to Beyonce, while a hip hop girl will probably lose her mojo if Michael Buble starts playing.

Just because you disagree with your partner about certain things, doesn't mean you'll ever stop loving the musical stylings of the Arctic Monkeys. Loving the same music as your partner means that all your favourite memories of them become synonymous with your favourite music. If silence is not golden for you, you can stick on some music and enjoy your partner's company, soundtracked by some great tunes. Festival season is a no-brainer When festival season comes round, groups of friends are sometimes at odds which event to attend.

"Do we go to see Jay-Z at Glastonbury, or Kasabian at V Festival?

Whenever I date someone new, I ask her what her musical preferences are, many women answer they are into everything, which is annoying when you find out they are not.

I admit my most favorite genre, 80s hair metal, is not a consensus favorite, but I also like classical and some pop, stress the some part.

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