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This is when I discovered fitness and I've never looked back.'With her diet dwindling Robin saw her weight drop to 7st 7Ibs at her lightest finding it difficult to walk up the stairs without losing her breath.

She continued: 'I was never overweight, if anything under-weight.

I knew that better nutrition and a healthy lifestyle would help me anchor myself and would cause a positive change that would help me deal with my anxiety.'I was very embarrassed by my lack of exercise fitness, and I didn't want anyone to see me struggle, so I refused to go to the gym.'Instead of going to the gym, Robin decided to get fit within the comfort of her own room at university until she was body-confident, then would move on to a local woman-only gym.'This has completely transformed my life.

It's given me a sense of self and value,' she said.'I feel strong and confident in myself.

Any long-term readers, though, may spot that one of them is a recycled version of a post which is on here.

I may do a bit more of that, given the natural turnover of postgrads, and the archive of still relevant material on this blog, which readers won’t see if they only read the new blog.

The new blog allows you to take a direct feed of either each of the categories or all of the posts.

However, at the moment, you can only get the posts emailed to you, so I’ll stick with Feedburner, at least for email for the moment.

The condition was life-threatening, and she spent a month bedridden in hospital in intense pain.She now shares her new outlook on diet and exercise with her 482,000 Instagram followers.Explaining her turning point she said: 'I was twenty-one, which is around the age when you start gaining fat and cellulite in the areas you don't want it.Because of the pressure of maintaining an A* average in science and engineering, she began to neglect her health; consuming food low in protein, high in carbohydrates and fat, while taking part in no exercise.Robin Gallant suffered from severe anxiety due the pressure of keeping up her A* grades causing her weight to drop to 7st, but after overcoming her mental illness she is now 8st.

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