Christian dating your best friend

Has Facebook caused us to forget what it means to be real friends?

Here are 7 tests to tell your true friends from your Facebook friends.

Americans often call “Storge” “friendship.” That is true in the sense that a dog is a man’s best “friend”.

This kind of Storge Friendship is not what Lewis is talking about when he talks about Philia Friendship.

To find out about the other tests, I encourage you to read The Four Loves. What many people share with most of their friends is not Philia love at all. Trying to be best friends before romance may not be all the roses and butterflies the courtship advocates promised you.

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To notice Storge is to realize that it has already been growing for a while.

While some may be able to find such a match, these couples are the exception rather than the rule.

It is nearly impossible to find a single human who can meet so many emotional needs.

There are some ways that only women “get” other women. As a man, I can say we don’t understand women nearly as well as we pretend. In one sense, Eros is a celebration of differences while Philia is a celebration of similarities.

I think that trying to find someone who can be both your Eros Lover and your Philia Friend has made finding a suitable mate much harder.

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